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A dental bridge is a fixed solution for replacing one or more missing teeth, fixing an artificial tooth between two natural teeth. With a dental bridge, you get a cosmetically neat solution while strengthening the neighboring teeth and the chewing function feels like natural teeth.

You can make dental bridges of different sizes.

The smallest ones replace a single tooth and the largest ones extend over the entire upper or lower jaw. To make a tooth bridge, it requires that the teeth that the tooth bridge must be put on are healthy and stable. This is always assessed by the dentist before treatment.

The dentist will always make an individual assessment of which solution would be best for you. You will often choose to make a dental bridge if the natural teeth that the bridge is to be put on are highly restored with fillings, as these will be strengthened by the dental bridge.

If the natural teeth are completely unfilled, one will most often choose an implant to avoid unnecessary grinding of the neighbor teeth, as required by bridge treatment.

We provide a 5 year warranty on dental bridges at the dentist, Dt.Oguzhan BAYIR.

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