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A root treatment may be necessary if for one reason or another inflammation has occurred in a nerve in a tooth. It can be very painful to have inflammation in the tooth nerve, and it is important to treat inflammation of a tooth if it does not cause postoperative diseases in the mouth.

A root treatment is often required if, for example, there is a hole in a tooth and it has not been treated. Here the hole will create an inflammatory condition that requires a greater treatment. Inflammation of the tooth nerve may also occur if you have broken a tooth and it is not treated. In this way there may be inflammation in the root, so that a root treatment will be necessary.

With a root treatment we can replace the inflamed nerve with a material that fills the entire nervous channel. Once the nerve is replaced we will put a plastic filling or a crown on the tooth, so that the teeth will be strong and protected again.

It is one of the major treatments to have a root treatment, and depending on how inflamed the area is, it may be a more or less complicated treatment. It is also different how well you are able to save the inflamed tooth and vein. It depends on the roots and channels of the individual's human being. Often it is possible to remove the inflammatory state of the teeth in first treatment, but if it is not successful, it may be necessary to have a root tip surgery. A good preventive care and a quick treatment in case of caries or a broken tooth is therefore the most important thing to be aware of if you want to avoid major dental treatments and operations.

When we do root treatments, we always make sure you give a local anesthetic so it does not hurt.

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